MTN Nigeria compensates subscribers for network downtime

MTN Nigeria CEO Olutokun Toriola has stated that the firm will reimburse consumers for airtime and data used between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday, one week after its service was disrupted in several parts of the nation.

Mr Toriola said in a statement released to the media on Sunday that the gesture was intended to express the network’s remorse for the event.

MTN Nigeria compensates subscribers for network downtime

Because of last week’s outage, the network extended the validity of all time-bound plans by 24 hours.

“While we work to strengthen our network to prevent further disruptions of any kind, we wanted to find a way to say sorry. Something more than extending the validity of all time-bound plans by 24 hours, which we did as soon as service was restored,” Toriola said.

“So, while we can’t give you back the time you lost last Saturday, we can give you back what you spent yesterday. Every customer on the MTN network has received a refund for the data and airtime that they used between 12 noon and 7pm yesterday. We hope it shows how much we value our customers. You truly are our most important focus.”

Toriola provided more details on the service interruption, stating that the company’s technical experts attributed the problem to an error that transferred its 4G clients into the 3G band.

“This overloaded the 3G band, causing a domino effect that impacted the whole network,” he said, assuring that it was not sabotaged and that the issue had been addressed.

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