Mr P. Threatens to Sue Angola Promoters for Using P-Square Photo for His Brother’s Show

Call it a case of Peter robbing Paul and you won’t be far from the truth. This is as organisers of a show in Angola printed a poster to say the group P-Square would be performing when in fact, it was only Paul Okoye, one half of twin-brothers group, P-Square, that was to perform.

However, Peter Okoye, the other half, is not taking things lightly and he has threatened legal trouble for the Angolan organisers, claiming his picture was used to market a show.

“Na Wa o!,” the artiste who now goes by the stage name Mr P, said via Instagram over the weekend.

“So they needed my image to sell their show Angola. This promoters @pubfoureventos you’ll be hearing from my lawyers soon. #UnaDonFindMyTrouble.”

According to the poster, Peter and his brother, Paul, were scheduled to perform in Luanda yesterday, May 26 when it was actually Paul or Rude Boy as he is now known as, that was slated to perform there.

On Saturday, Rude Boy shared a picture of himself and his crew arriving the Angolan airport. About that time, his brother, Mr P, was on his way to Ethiopia where he was scheduled to perform.

In fact, Mr. P posted an Instagram video and stated his location and reassuring his fans that he has arrived Ethiopia and he does not have any show in Angola.

“My dear People in Addis Ababa Ethiopia , I just arrived,” he wrote.

“No need to panic, I’m here!

“This is the reason I have to make it clear. I can’t begin to tell you what I have had to deal with in the last couple of days. My management being accused of double booking me, promoters panicking, fans in Angola saying how they’re looking forward to my performing in Luanda Angola.

“Let’s be clear, no need to make this emotional and being sentimental. It is a matter of integrity and business. Nothing else! I have to protect my name and image; that’s all!

“Again the promoters and organizers of that event/festival have to be held accountable. My legal team is on it. Thank you.”

Sebastiane Ebatamehi

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