Mr Macaroni Advises Nigerian Youths To Avoid Violence

Mr. Macaroni/Pulse NG
Mr. Macaroni/Pulse NG

Nigerian comedian and actor Mr. Macaroni has advised his fellow Nigerian youths to abstain from violence and ethnic politics. The social media influencer also urged youths not to allow themselves to be used as tools by politicians to wreak havoc, as he insisted that the political class will always remain friends.

Mr. Macaroni said:

“I know how some people must feel; I know we’re not happy with the way INEC conducted the elections in some certain areas, but the president-elect has been announced, and any aggrieved candidate can go to court; don’t let anybody use you. The Nigerian youths must remain one.”

He further urged young Nigerians:

“Do not die for any politician, don’t let any politician use you as a tool, that’s all. They are friends, we know they’re friends. The youth can have their choice but politicians will be politicians. Don’t give up and don’t lose hope. Anybody that is telling you as a Yoruba man to attack your Igbo brother or my Igbo brothers are telling you to attack Yorubas somewhere, Hausas or any other tribe, my brother please don’t. And while we’re trying to build trust for politicians we must remain united because only then can we say oh na we bring you in you no do well get out. Only when they see that we’re united is when we can make decisions like that.”


The “Brotherhood” actor also refuted claims that he, along with musician Falz, are leaders of Nigerian youths in the fight for a better Nigeria. He said they were just as concerned as every other Nigerian about the growth and development of the country.

Neither me nor my brother Falz have ever claimed leadership. We’re youths like yourself who just want the growth and development of our country Nigeria.’’

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was announced the winner of the Nigerian presidential election held on Saturday, February 25, 2023. The election was marred by rigging and violence.