Movie Review: Fine Wine

One movie that stands out amidst all the movies of 2021 is this awesome romantic comedy titled, Fine Wine. Directed by Seyi Babatope and starring some of Nollywood big stars, this movie makes cliche look really cliche.fine wineThe movie Fine Wine centers around a lonely but rich older man who genuinely falls in love with a younger woman and finds himself in the crossfire of society and in competition with a younger man for her heart. This film features the likes of Richard Mofe Damijo, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Eno Nwosu, Tina Mba, Segun Arinze, Zainab Balogun, and others.
Now down to the Koko of the matter, an amazing feature of this movie is the fact that its storyline is a very unique one, The fact that it chooses to see life, not from the stereotypical and cliche angle of an older man falling in love with a younger girl and then society standing against it. But it chose its angle from the point of, yes there are stereotypical mindsets people have in the society but showing us a side that says it not really a bad thing to marry a man much older than you are as a lady. It is unique that the movie Fine Wine addressed this stereotype and that is just perfect. Sometimes not all young ladies are out there for the money and there are still ladies who would not sell their bodies for money as against the idea of ladies people have especially in the banking sector and how they meet their targets. The storyline once again is just well plotted out.
Now coming to the way they portrayed the storyline starting from the set, it is such a beautiful thing that they got perfectly how the banking sector works, especially those who attend to customers down in the banking hall. The workplace setting was well done and even the houses used helped to further portray the level of income each family had. So setting, check.

In terms of characterization, did RMD portray himself as the perfect lonely old man, yes he did and he did so terrifically. He killed the role so well that he really showed how rich people think and behave. Most of the time, the way people who are wealthy think and react to situations differs largely from the way a layman would respond to certain situations and he killed it. Did Eno Nwosu who is a rising star in the industry do well as a lead character? We can say yes, she did a good job and she will further do better as we see a blossoming talent right there.
fine wine
To other characters, Nse Ikpe-Etim was the proper ex-troublesome-wife in all shades, Belinda Effah was her usual great character through and through again.
One thing that stood out was the cinematography; the slide from one scene to another, kind of looked scattered somehow, because it got to a point where there were audio issues, even that flow from one scene to another was definitely missing and it affected the vibe of the entire movie to an extent.

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