Monalisa Chinda Is Yet To Encounter A Challenging Movie Role

Monalisa Chinda/The Guardian
Monalisa Chinda/The Guardian

Veteran Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda has dismissed the question of a challenging role in her acting career.

In a chat with The Nation newspaper, the 48-year-old actor-turned-producer stated that she has yet to encounter a challenging role in her over a decade-long Nollywood career.

The thespian, who is a graduate of Theatre Arts, said, “I have not had any challenging roles so far,” when quizzed about her over 17-year adventure in the African entertainment industry.


Continuing, the movie star disclosed her plans for the future:

“I’d be focusing on my passion which is people welfare, my show, dealing with social issues and violence of all forms, unemployment. Basically just me and what I love to do. I made a statement last year introducing my movie theatre. I did a lot of theatre work last year so this year, there will be more theatre and live performances. So this year is just me, my passion and what I love to do so watch out for that. I’d churn out more of what I love to do.”

Monalisa Chinda has transitioned from being known as an actor to a film producer, television host, and high-profile media personality. She is married to Victor Tonye Coker.

She is also an inspiration to many upcoming actors. Her decision to venture into movie production will afford her the opportunity to identify many hidden talents, but more importantly, we want to see more of her in cinemas.

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