Mo Abudu Completes N10BN Ebonylife Place Studios In Nigeria

Mo Abudu has opened her newly completed Ebonylife place studios which is a multi-billion Naira edifice which has a cinema and other important film making facilities like movie studios and event hosting space. Mo Abudu has already cemented her place and status as the premier film maker in Nigeria with the opening of this new studio, we would now expect more movies from Mo Abudu who has already established an exclusive partnership with DSTV for the distribution of her content across Africa though the Ebonylife TV channel. Below are some of the photos of the Ebonylife place:

“Mo Abudu completes her multi-billion Naira EbonyLife Place. It is Africa’s first Black Global outfit, and Abudu has shot 3 films currently doing N1.4bn with Netflix. The next, Òlòtūré is a possible Oscar entry. This new facility comes with a 5 star cinema, to employ Nigerians.”

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