Mixed reaction trails tribute of Joke Silva to Queen Elizabeth II 

Veteran actress, Joke Silva has gotten the attention of Netizens with her tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Shortly after the Queen of England was announced dead, Alot of A-list celebrities paid their tribute and last rest to the Queen.

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The likes of Williams Uchemba, Patience Ozokwor, Joke Silva and lots more. However, Joke’s tribute stirred some kind of reaction as some Netizens frowned at her tribute.

An Instagram user identified as Lexx wrote: “Mama these people loot us woto woto. You na our mummy and so no wham.”

Joke replied;

“You don’t have to like her because I do,”

Another user identified as Ienubienne who appears to be the actress’ niece added: “Oh no this is not the move Auntie.”

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“My niece don’t like the Queen,” the 60-year-old responded.

“Not at all; millions of people have been killed and captured under her reign, she never apologised for slavery and she died filthy rich on the backs and hard work of oppressed people from dozens of countries the crown colonized. May she ret in the same peace that her (in) action caused her colonial subjects,” Joke’s niece replied back.

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