Mistakes Skincare Vendors Make That You Should Know

Online skincare vendors make skincare product look very appealing, although that’s what they are made to do that’s why they are called ‘ambassadors and influencers’.

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You may have noticed that this influencers and ambassadors are mainly celebrities which is fair considering the fact that they would be able to get their fans on board with the new product.

However, here are some mistakes they make when advertising such skincare product;

Advertising skincare products with filters

This is a close cousin of makeup, those who use filters also leave us wondering what they are trying to hide if their products are so good.

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Using only light-skinned celebs to endorse their product

Using only light-skinned celebrities will translate to sales because they provide publicity, but it is just disingenuous.

We know how the celebrities’ skin was before using your product. The products did not make them lighter or have a more even skin tone and if it did, show us how transformation happened.

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