Mike Tyson suffers medical emergency on cross-country flight before mega-millions Jake Paul fight

Mike Tyson, a boxing star, had a medical scare on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles on Sunday, his agents confirmed.

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“Thankfully, Mr. Tyson is doing great,” Tyson’s representatives said in a statement.

“He became nauseated and dizzy 30 minutes before arriving as a result of an ulcer flare up. He appreciates the medical team who assisted him.” In Touch Weekly, which revealed the first details of the incident, issued a statement.

“Mike had some kind of medical emergency on the plane, and paramedics boarded,” a source informed the outlet. “Before the paramedics arrived the flight issued an announcement asking for a doctor — the message even came on everyone’s screens.”

The flight Tyson, 57, was in, was delayed two hours in Miami but according to reports, the delay was due to an air conditioning issue and not Tyson’s medical emergency.


Over 20 minutes before the plane landed in Los Angeles, passengers heard an announcement asking for medical professionals,

The reported medical scare delayed passengers leaving the plane for about 25 minutes.

“He was in first class, but we were in an exit row and the stewardess was very chatty. They asked us to stay on the plane and landed so paramedics could enter,” a source told In Touch Weekly.

“She said something like, ‘He’s a really important passenger so we wanna make sure he’s OK.’ I knew it was him, but I just mouthed the words ‘Mike Tyson’ and she nodded her head yes.”


Tyson, who turns 58 next month, is scheduled to fight Jake Paul on July 20 in Dallas in his return to the ring.


The former heavyweight champion last fought a sanctioned fight in June 2005.

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