Meta Portal Lets You Browse Through Facebook Stories Hands-Free

A series of enhancements are being made to Meta Portal. One of these enables users to browse through their Facebook Stories without having to go through them manually. Users can get to the function by asking, “Hey Portal, show me Stories.”

Metal Portal has been updated

In addition to Stories, users may also ask the Facebook Assistant to see recent posts, photographs, and responses, according to The Verge.

Previously, there was no native Facebook support, as it was only available through the Facebook online version.

While you are on the phone, Meta Portal photographs you. It cannot, however, allow you to capture images of the person on the other side of the screen with whom you are conversing. Back in 2018, Facebook stated that it was due to privacy concerns.

Meta Portal now lets you view Facebook Stories hands-free - The Verge

Users can now utilize the Meta Portal to snap screenshots during Messenger calls simply saying, “Hey Portal, take a photo.” Users can share the image over Facebook Messenger in the same way they would any other piece of material.

Meta Portal has also enabled support for augmented reality effects on both ends of a Facebook Messenger call, regardless of device.

If someone uses a phone or tablet instead of a Meta Portal, they will now be able to see the AR effects you enabled.

In addition, three more games are expected to be added to the Meta Portal, including “Quizbee,” “Port-a-Pet,” and “Sequencer,” which will be available via the Photo Booth app.

“Quizbee” sends out trivia questions that you must answer. “Sequencer” is a game that puts your memorization skills to the test by flashing random number sequences on the screen. “Port-a-Pet” allows you to interact with virtual pets.

Finally, Meta Portal has delivered on its promise to integrate Microsoft Teams with Meta Portal, as the video conferencing capability will be available on the device starting December 8.

Later this month, ESPN and ESPN Plus will be available on all Meta Portal devices. These will only be available in the United States.

Meta Portal has decreased the pricing of Meta Portal devices in conjunction with these additional features. The Meta Portal Go is now $149, the Meta Portal TV is $79, and the Meta Portal Plus is $299.

Oculus Quest and Portal have been renamed by Facebook

According to Pocket-Lint, Facebook stated in October that the company will be renamed Meta, and that its gear would also be renamed.

According to Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s chief technical officer, the Oculus branding has changed, including the Oculus Quest virtual reality device and product line.

The Oculus Quest will be renamed the Meta Quest in 2022, and the Oculus App will be renamed the Meta Quest App.

In a Facebook post, Bosworth highlighted that VR will be the most engaging way for individuals to experience the metaverse. Their goal is to get as many people as possible into VR.

They also want Quest to be a component of the Meta product. As a result, Metal will change its brand architecture and gradually distance itself from the Oculus brand.

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