Mercy Johnson Attacked Me Spiritually – Angela Okorie and Sonia Ogiri

Every now and then, these Nollywood actress come up with some astonishing claims and cat-fight with one another. This time around it is tall and heavy Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie witha young veteran, Mercy Johnson. It all started when a foreign based Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri accused Mercy Johnson of being diabolic and impeding her progress in Nollywood. She said that Mercy Johnson has a very diabolic part to her and she used voodoo to destroy her, watch Sonia’s full video below:

“Healing process

Hey sis @mercyjohnsonokojie I think  is time to talk about all the pain you inflicted on me all this years in order for my healing process to take
place. .

I hope MOTHERHOOD have changed you and you now understand when a mother wants to make her kid or kids proud of her tomorrow and just like you were overwhelmed by the love people showed you on your birthday, I hope you show/act true love towards people too.
I Needed to revisit this so as to get it off my chest cos holding it in all these years felt like I was imprisoned and it’s about time set my free. .
Ps Tell your fans not to come for me cause you and you alone knows I’m not lying . Have a great day  .

Sonia Ogiri

Not long ago after this claim, Actress, Angela Okorie also had some choice words for Mercy Johnson, she claimed Mercy attacked her physically and spiritually but she confronted her – she also claimed mercy Johnson was a witch, see her comment below:

What do you think of all these allegations? Jealousy is usually part of the most females in Nigeria, but these accusations take it all to another level. Let us talk about this

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