Mercy Aigbe’s alleged un-edited photo causes commotion online

Popular actress and mother of two, Mercy Aigbe’s alleged unedited photo has caused serious reaction online.

Fans, followers, and foes of the Nigerian celebrity thespian have taken to social media to react after an ALLEGED unfiltered photo of the actress made its way to the platform.

The shocking photo was shared side by side another one she shared on her Instagram page.

However, some fans believed it was edited to make the divorced actress appear bad, others thinks it’s real. See the photo below:

Mercy Aigbe

After the photo was shared online, Mercy Aigbe commented, “”I am a Spec”

One Val Opute commented, “That “real life” is photoshopped please. Even when Mercy is sleeping she can’t look like that please”

Another internet user, Tiwa Lade commented, “I have seen Mercy before, she is so fresh and hot. Make una get out Abeg ”

Mercy is 40plus , of course you don’t expect her to have the hour glass body she portrays. She looks nice for her age.”, One Annies Empire commented.

Angel Caily commented, “Nahh I’ve seen mercy aigbe in real life at a wedding on a dress and she isn’t bad like the picture on the left. The person that sent that picture is just a hater”

One Love Wolu commented, “Na lie Jare, 😂😂😂Mercy get small shape at lease not as bad as the before photo even though their photographers do so much work on editing.”

Another user, Layour commented, “That photo has definitely be photoshopped to make her look unappealing”

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