Meet NOVABOT, a Technological Breakthrough in Autonomous Lawn Care

A newly mowed lawn is really enjoyable. Giving up valuable weekend time to be submerged in a cloud of pollen and filth behind a loud gas-powered mower, on the other hand, no longer seems worth it. Grass cutting is a task better left to someone or something else. If, like me, you’ve been eyeing self-driving mowers for years but haven’t had the courage to ditch your classic zero-turn, meet NOVABOT.

How Novabot will transform your mowing experience

Caio Mucchiani and his experienced team at LF Intelligence created NOVABOT, a startling advance in dependable, cheap robotic lawn care. These individuals are PhD alumni of the University of Pennsylvania’s renowned incubator lab, GRASP. They’ve endowed NOVABOT with revolutionary technologies that were previously only available on extremely pricey platforms. Even this jaded engineering geek can’t help but drool.

How Novabot will transform your mowing experience

NOVABOT, which is equipped with a panoramic HD camera and powerful AI algorithms, accomplishes self-adaptive moves in uncertain surroundings with ease. It can literally stop working if it sees dogs, children, or wild animals. Its AORA Technology (Active Obstacle Recognition and Avoidance) works well in landscapes with trees, fences, swimming pools, lawn furniture, patios, and dividers. NOVABOT cuts in absolutely straight lines with 100 percent efficiency, unafraid of impediments that would stymie the competitors.

Novabot - Revolutionary Autonomous Lawn Care Robot - YouTube

Add to that a slim 22-pound body, a 7.5 Ah Tesla grade lithium-ion battery, an adaptable cutting deck, a powerful FOC brushless motor, unbeatable all-terrain tires, and excellent slope climbing capacity. Best of all, there are no wires or cords to worry about, and the NOVABOT app makes customized control as simple as 1-2-3. Overall, NOVABOT has excellent design features and engineering dependability, and it is ready to revolutionize autonomous lawn care.

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