Meet Nigerian Skit Makers Who Dress Like Old People In Their Videos

In this article, we are going to look at top Nigerian skit makers who dress like old people in their videos.

The skit makers have made a remarkable landmark in the Nigerian entertainment industry. They are regarded as top notch stars.


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Mummy Wa

The first star on this list is Kemi Ikuseedun, also known as Mummy Wa. She is an important cast member in Mr Macaroni’s skits, where she plays his partner.


To give her character more life, she dresses like an old woman, wearing one item that appears to be lace.


While she may appear older in the comedy films, she is actually a very young and beautiful girl in real life, as revealed by the images above.




Taaooma is clearly one of the most interesting skit makers and list of the best online skit makers would be incomplete without mentioning her.

In her skits, she portrays an African mother who uses resounding slaps to discipline her hard hearted children.


3. Papa Ade

Dr Craze, also known as Papa Ade, is the final star on this list; the concept of his skits is similar to that of Taaooma.


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He acts like a typical African father to his sole son Ade and whenever the need arises, his slap is more than enough to bring Ade back to his senses.