Meet Nigerian Actresses Who Relocated Abroad

The dream of every Nigerians is to travel out of the country. No wonder, most of the Nigerian youths are making plans for greener pasture. Nigerian celebrities are not exempted from the same ideology. There are Nigerian actresses who have travelled out of the country and not making any plans of returning back to the country.

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Some of the Nigerian actresses see abroad as an achievement. Some travelled out of the country for fun, while others travelled out to explore new business opportunities.

In this article we are going to shed light on some of the Nigerian actresses who have relocated abroad.

1. Stella Damasus

Stella happened to be first on the list of Nigerian actresses who relocated abroad. She is not the first to travel out of the country and she is not the last to take such decision. Stella relocated to the United States with her husband Daniel Ademinokan after the duo’s marriage caused controversies online.

2. Mistura Asunranmu

Mistura is one of the top Nollywood stars who relocated to the United States because of her husband who resides in Texas. She has being in the United States for many years, working as an event organiser.

3. Georgina Onuoha

Georgina Onuoha is an household name in Nollywood. Her relocation was based on the fact that her husband reside in United States. Even after breakup, she stayed back to continue to her life.

4. Victoria Inyama

Before the actress relocation to the United Kingdom, she remained a top notch in the movie industry. Her marriage to a literary icon’s family, Ben Okri, facilitated her relocation to UK.

5. Lola Alao

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Lola Alao is another Nollywood actress who relocated to Canada for greener pasture. Her children and family now resides in Canada with her. The actress has won many awards in the past and present.

6. Laide Bakare

Laide Bakare who is now a permanent resident of United States, travelled out of the country for greener pasture. In 2017, she became a permanent resident after passing through some legal processes.




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