Meet Jonathan Lee: The Man Who Sued The Guinness World Record For Giving Him An Award

There are many strange people in the world, as you may have heard or read. One of them is Jonathan Lee Riches. He is known as the world’s most litigant. This young man was the first to file a lawsuit against his mother.


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In that lawsuit, he claimed that his mother had neglected him. He won the case and received a settlement of $20,000.00. After winning this case, the young man sued his friend, maestro, neighbor, relatives, fiancée, police, judge, well-known corporations, and even George Bush. So far, the number of cases he has filed in various courts has approached 2600.

Jonathan Lee Riches’ name is also in the Guinness Book of World Records. Jonathan Lee Riches, you may be surprised to learn, has also filed a lawsuit against the Guinness Book of World Records. He inquired as to why his personal life was included in the book without his permission. In his previous cases, he has received nearly $8 million in damages and compensation.


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After all of this, he was invited to a TV show and asked, “What is the reason that, despite your fame, you live alone and have no one to love you?” Following the TV show, Jonathan Lee sued the TV channel for such inquiries. He was later awarded $50,000 in compensation.

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