May Edochie breaks down as she recalls her struggles (video)

May Edochie breaks down as she recalls her struggles

May Edochie, the estranged wife of Nollywood actor turned clergyman, Yul Edochie broke down in tears as she recounted her struggles.

Speaking at the Priceless Hairs Summit, May, a businesswoman and influencer shared her emotional journey with the audience, encouraging fellow entrepreneurs and offering insightful advice on starting and maintaining successful ventures.

The mother of three stated that when life issues hit her hard, she didn’t sit to wallow in self-pity. Instead, she picked herself up and staggered on.

May also noted that her businesses crashed one after the other during her hard times. As he attempted to speak further, she broke down in tears. Her friend identified as Priceless Hair quickly snatched the microphone from her to avoid the audience hearing her cry.

See the emotional video below.

The emotional scene stirred mixed reactions among netizens:

One Ene Lintu wrote: “I have been following this woman for a long time now, and you hardly ever heard her voice when she was married. She looks more beautiful and presentable than before.”

One Cynthia wrote: “I think it’s mostly about her son. Bloggers should stop inserting that man’s pictures because she never mentioned his name.”

One Natasha Blessing Rasaq wrote: “Some of the useless people that has no conscience are saying she’s trying to use emotional blackmail, una dey mad , has she ever said anything about yul since the incident happened, she has been on her on lane , this one time that she’s being emotional you all are crying like people that don’t have sense , like this woman lost a son last year , and you all are saying rubbish”

One Jayne Sammy wrote: “Y’all asking why the mic was snatched like that,that’s what real friends do..I will snatch that mic like that too to avoid my friend spilling her pain to the world”

One Orangemakeovers wrote: “Big ups to that lady for taking the mic off her, she saw the tears coming and she was ready for it. That’s a good friend move! No one needed to hear her cry.”

One Ivieemiko wrote: “I like how @pricelesshairs snatched the phone from her to avoid her spilling her pain to the world. she’s a good friend”

One Ambilawilcoxesq wrote: “Why did that woman drag the mic from her like that?”

One Agwabumma_ said: “The mic was snatched so she doesn’t oO say things out of pain.. that is a friend !!! Stop asking silly question”

Glamsquad recalls that May Edochie and her estranged husband separated after he impregnated and married his colleague, Judy Austin in 2022.

May also lost her first son, Kambilichukwu in March 2023.

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