Maureen Esisi reveals that gay men who trap women into marriage deserve life imprisonment

Blossom Chukwujekwu’s ex-wife, Maureen Esisi aka Redvigor, has stated that gay men who force women into marriage in order to conceal their sexual orientation should be punished for ruining their victims’ lives, glamsquad reports.


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The men who do this, according to the fashion designer, are mostly “self-proclaimed Jesus Babies” who deserve life in prison.


“If the Presidency/Nigeria cannot see the need to legalize homosexuality so that these mFs can live their lives normally, then there should be a massive penalty for the monsters who, despite knowing their sexuality, go ahead to marry/trap their opposite sex (victims), refuse them their responsibility, heavily manipulate them, and shatter their mental health and self worth,” she said.


“Traumatize them heavily, then divorce them, only to move on to the next victim and act as if nothing happened,”


“It should be a life sentence. NB: This is being done by the self-proclaimed Jesus Babies. Every damn time”

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