Mary Remmy Njoku Slams Those Who Tag Nigerian Accents ‘Local’

Nigeria is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, with over 500 languages spoken – ranging from Hausa language to Igbo, Yoruba, Kanuri, Tiv, Ibibio, to mention a few.

It is not a new thing in Nigeria to be downgraded or tagged “local” because of the way some people speak the country’s official language ‘English language‘.

Mary Remmy Njoku, a renowned actress and movie producer has slammed Netizens who think a ‘Local Person’ is a fellow citizen who has thick Nigerian accent and doesn’t follow the fashion trend.

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She noted that English language isn’t ours and Netizens need to stop being ignorant and embrace our accents because it is our identity.

She wrote,

“To an average fool in Nigeria, local person’ is a premium insult for someone who has a thick Nigerian accent and doesn’t follow the fashion trend

“I have seen someone who has barely left surulere, refer to another who moved from Ekiti as ‘local girl’. The Indians in Anthony with heavy accent aren’t Locals. English no be their language. Neither is it ours.

“Let’s stop being ignorant and embrace our Nigerian accents. It’s out identity

“We can continue the fake ‘I wanna gonna’ accent, when we travel abroad. For easier communication I guess”.

Njoku stressed that she is a proud Nigerian local girl.

“I am a proud Nigerian local girl!!”

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