‘Marriage isn’t for musicians’ Terry G spills (video)

'Marriage isn't for musicians' Terry G spills (video)

Nigerian singer and rapper, Gabriel Othe Amanyi better known as Terry G has bluntly stated that marriage isn’t for musicians.

In an interview with media personality, Nedu on his podcast, ‘The Honest Bunch’, Terry G disclosed why he believes marriage isn’t for him. He stated that it would restrict him from his female friends.

He claims that women are the essence and vitality of music, so when a musical artist excludes them, that musician either becomes bored or leads a dull existence.

To elaborate on his argument, he highlighted the cultural perception in Nigeria where marriage signifies being “out of the market,” akin to being a second-hand item. He reiterated that in Nigeria, a married man is considered as having stepped out of the conventional norm.

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“Marriage isn’t for people like us. It would restrict me from my female fans. Females are the Bees of the music, they are the juice so if you remove them, you’re bored and are living a boring life.

Let me tell you as a man of God, if you’re married, you’re out of the box. In Nigeria, if you’re married, they say you are out of the commot for market. Automatically, you’re second hand”.

In another part of the interview, Terry G openly admitted to engaging in extramarital affairs. He confessed that despite having a child with another woman, whom he holds in high regard akin to his wife, he still engages in infidelity. He further generalized his behavior, asserting that he believes every man cheats.

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