Margot Robbie dropped by Disney from ‘Pirates’ movie

After all, Margot Robbie won’t be setting sail in a “Pirates of the Caribbean” film, which may be good news for Johnny Depp.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the actress admitted that Disney has killed her planned “POTC” movie. They had been working on a proposal for several years with her as the lead, but at this point, Margot said, “it’s been killed.”

Regarding the reason, Margot Robbie just remarked, “I guess they don’t want to do it.” It’s fascinating because earlier this year, Jerry Bruckheimer, the original producer of the Pirates movies, claimed that two Pirates scripts were currently being developed at the Mouse House, one of which starred Margot.

He also left the possibility of a reunion with Depp open, despite the fact that Johnny Depp wasn’t involved at the moment. Since then, the man has had legal victories and is making an effort to restart his career; based on his accomplishments thus far, he’s succeeding.

There has been no official announcement of Disney and Johnny teaming up again for more Jack Sparrow films, despite the fact that their previous collaboration brought in nearly $2 billion for the studio.

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