Marble Nail Trends—25 Need-to-Screenshot Looks I’m Loving

I’ve always gone wild for all things nails (I love to tell people I owned more than 100 bottles of polish by the time I hit middle school), but my obsession has reached fever pitch in the last few years.

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Nail polish brands and manicurists are getting more creative than ever before, and my Instagram and TikTok feeds have quickly become a feast for sore eyes where nail inspo is concerned.

However, despite the surplus of patterns and abstract designs circulating the internet lately, there’s one nail design, in particular, that has continued to reign supreme: marble.

Whether you want something more elevated and subtle (think white, opal, and metallic accents) or something more attention-grabbing and bold (neon, anyone?), there’s a marble nail design out there that is sure to vibe with your beauty and fashion aesthetic.

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After all, your nails are the ultimate accessory, right? Because I truly couldn’t stop downloading and taking screenshots, behold 25 drool-inducing marble nail designs you should most definitely save and bring to your favorite nail salon. Keep scrolling!

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