Make daily fitness a habit!

Our daily physical activities forms part of our exercise. You do not have to go to the gym every day to work out. Physical activities like walking, using the stair cases and carrying items, can help get you fit.

How much activity should you get in a typical week?

The answer is, as much as you can get.

  1. Stair Case.

Make the stairs your friend. They never disappoint. Avoid the elevator and use the stairs as often as you can. A couple of floors every morning and evening should do you some good.

2. Walking

Forget the uber and put your legs to good use. If you are not up to trekking all the way from town all the way to your office in the morning, how about getting a group of your friend and walk from work to town in the evening. Making this a group activity you won’t notice the exhaustion especially when sharing some juicy gossip. Take it a kilometre at a time.

  1. Carrying Items.

Grab a bunch of your office files and use them as your weights while in the office. You don’t have to do much, just a couple of rounds around the office. Pretend that you are doing a routine ‘Hi Five’ check. Get to know your office mates this way. Sure they are going to think you are odd and overly friendly, but this way you kill two birds with one stone, expand your social circle and get a work out in.


Make your daily activities your workout routine

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