Mad Max Star, Vincent Gil Is Dead

Glamsquad reports that Vincent Gil, best known for his role as Nightrider in Mad Max, passed away at the age of 83.


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His death comes on the heels of reports that the Hollywood actor had been “frail for some time.”


Over the weekend, his friend and Mad Max co-star Paul “Cundalini” Johnstone announced his death.



Along with a recent photo of the two stars posing together, Johnstone wrote on Facebook: “Unfortunately, Vince Gil has passed away. He’s been very frail for a long time and, thankfully, is no longer bound by his mortal form.”




He continued: “My favorite memory of Vince will be from our fantastic MMCon 2015 tour of Japan. He was already in less-than-ideal health, and a couple of us were worried about his ability to get through the long, demanding days of convention and socializing and travel and convention and… We were wrong.


“Vince was incredible – he rose to the occasion every time, fed off the energy of the wonderful Japanese fans, and when I’d look at him and worry about his stamina, he’d shrug it off and show that he had a lot more stamina than many of us much younger men. NIGHTRIDER…!!!


“Rest well, old friend; we’ll think of you when we gaze at the night sky.”

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