Lynda Clems opens up on dispute with Annie Idibia

Lynda Clems, a Nollywood actress, has finally disclosed the details of her dispute with her colleague Annie Idibia, wife of singer 2Baba.

It was reported that Lynda Clems launched an attack on Annie Idibia in an Instagram post on Wednesday, August 11, calling her a ‘snake’.

The Enugu-born actress in an Interview on Thursday accused Annie Idibia of intellectual theft following the release of the latter’s new TV series Nkoyo, also alleging that both parties had earlier agreed on a settlement outside court but the other party defaulted.

“Nkoyo the series is supposedly a continuity of my movie Open Scar. I contracted Annie Idibia to play a character called Nkoyo in my film Open Scar. Apparently, she loved her character so much she decided to develop it into a series without my consent or approval,” she said.

“Well, she is been sitting on her high horse and sending people to talk to me about it but didn’t wanna reach out or do the right thing. My lawyers wrote them and they begged to settle out of court.

“While we are waiting to hear back from them, they started publicity and eventually put the series out.”

Annie Idibia is yet to publicly respond to Clems’ claims.