Ludovico De Saint Sernin FW 2023 Menswear

Ludovico De Saint Sernin FW 2023 Menswear which was displayed at the Paris Fashion Week gave a lot of amazing designs to spice up the year for their local customers.

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The fashion house displayed amazing designs as models emerged with bright color outfit as they emerged in their three-by-threes in their seductive, fitting, slinky ways. With lots of proof of his LdSS emblem, there was a row of taffeta, one of denim, another of black leather, knit, and crystal chain mail.

Despite its clarity and succinctness, De Saint Sernin’s work is of high caliber. Body-con done poorly always comes out as trashy; his products always walk the line with class.

His fall collection, Private Show, was in some ways a celebration of everything that had ever motivated him. Basically, everything about being a French Y2K baby. Which typically also means very short items like micro handkerchief skirts for both sexes and a highly precise technique to attract attention to specific body regions using grommets and corset lacing.

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See full collection below;

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