Lookbook: Alexandra Alonso Resort 2025 Collection

The Alejandra Alonso Resort 2025 collection is to pay homage to her Spanish roots she says “I had Madrid in my head, and the first thing that came to mind was the blue sky,” she said. “It’s a very particular blue. That’s how I started building out the whole collection. Hence the inspiration behind this collection is  Madrid where most of her family resides and where she was born.

Renowned designer Rojas draws inspiration from Madrid’s Prado Museum, blending the iconic “Las Meninas” with the vibrant attire of bullfighters. This latest collection exudes effortless elegance, featuring breezy dresses in bright hues reminiscent of Spanish flair.

A sky-blue masterpiece, delicately ruched off-the-shoulder, offers a luxurious feel with its jersey fabric. Standout silk dresses, tie-dyed with shibori technique, showcase Rojas’ innovative craftsmanship.

Notably, a black V-neck dress adorned with a subtle watercolour print of Botero sculptures subtly pays homage to Madrid’s cultural richness. With each piece, Rojas captures the essence of Madrid, infusing timeless designs with contemporary allure.

With a knee eye to details, the styles came off as sophisticated and stylish and very high-end look especially the leather with the corset finishes to it. The collection that was added on. These styles are an embodiment of different approaches to fashion.

In conclusion, This is a design for every woman to explore if you understand the concept of high end fashion and craftmanship.

Below is the list collection as compiled by vogue