Linda Osifo Shows Us The Power of Organza Tops

Nigeria’s Linda Osifo Proves Organza Tops Can Make A Stunning Office Look.

In a growing world of equality and more of us women entering the world place, one thing is definitely happening. We are seeing more trendy styles and looks in the office.

Women are bringing their A-game to unveil their status as a good worker or a good boss, and men are also taking more steps to be impressive despite being limited to suits and shirts.

Linda Never Disappoints

One style girl we have favoured so much on is the one and only beautiful Nigerian style influencer, Linda Osifo.

Linda is currently now the brand ambassador for Nigerian fashion design house ‘HOUSE OF JULYET PETERS’ a renowned Nigerian fashion designer.

On Julyet Peters

Julyet Peters catalogue extends to a wide range of sophisticated wear, from womenswear, to menswear to kids to bridal gowns and more. So it’s not impossible to easily recognise the class in Linda Osifo’s recent look.

Linda took to Instagram to share with us, her beautiful balloon sleeve top with black pants. Simply, sexy and sophisticated.

The outfit can be gotten from July Peters on Instagram and see more of Linda Osifo here.

For now, enjoy the style below.

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