Linda Ikeji TV’s First Class Material Season 2 is HERE!

The season two of Linda Ikeji TV’s First Class Material docu-series is here and we are so excited to share the teaser for the first episode with you.

LITV First class material

In the first episode, they focus on extraordinary and brilliant young Nigerians who serve as a source of inspiration for people all around the country and continent.

Even when no one encouraged or noticed them, these precocious brains have pursued brilliance and perfection on the route less traveled.
Farouk Suleiman, a 9-year-old hyoerrealoasm artist, is the first person to be highlighted. He has polished the craft of drawing through meticulous dedication, practice, and dedication.

Farouk Suleiman is unquestionably First Class Material, having mastered a rare art form at such a young age!

Watch the trailer below:

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