Lifestyle: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Store in the Bathroom

Many people get ready in their bathroom each morning. For convenience’s sake, we store a lot of items that we will need in the morning in our bathroom as well, but it turns out that we should be more selective when it comes to that.

Here are five things you shouldn’t store in the bathroom.

1. Towels

This one will probably come as a surprise to a lot of people. However, it’s better to find a place to store your towels outside of your bathroom. Bathrooms are damp and moist places, a breeding ground for bacteria, and towels are especially susceptible to fungi.

If you intend to keep your towels in the bathroom, make sure you hang them up properly.

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2. Bathrobes

Apparently a bathrobe should not be stored in the bathroom, even though it sounds so logical. Bacteria and the fungi can settle easily in the fabric, and the moisture in the room can cause the robe to smell musty.

3. Books and magazines

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Some people like to read while they are taking a bath (or sitting on the toilet). However, books and magazines absorb the moisture in your bathroom more quickly. This will result in wrinkled pages and glue that no longer sticks.

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4. Jewellery

You might store your jewellery in the bathroom because that is where the mirror is. Unfortunately, moisture causes jewellery to tarnish, especially silver jewellery which is more sensitive to moisture.

5. Perfume

Many people store their perfume in their bathroom. However, the sudden temperature changes affect the perfume molecules which can cause the perfume to start smelling sour.

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