“Let’s know the root of this in the open”– Susan Peters reacts to arrest of individuals selling new naira notes

Susan Peters

Nollywood star Susan Peters replied to news that the Department of State Services had detained an unknown quantity of individuals connected to the sale of new naira notes.

Susan Peters was alarmed by the chutzpah of selling the brand-new notes, which are yet largely untapped.

A spokesperson for the DSS named Peter Afunanya accused numerous staff of commercial banks of aiding and abetting the crime in a statement.

The statement was titled, ‘DSS intercepted syndicates selling new currency notes, bank official implicated’.

Susan Peters demanded that the DSS reveal the identities of the crime perpetrators on her verified Instagram page in response to this unsettling news.

She wrote;

Syndicates selling new naira notes have been arrested , excuse me sir!  is it the bankers or bank managers or the third parties ? Please let’s know the root of this in the open .

The Banks, The Bank Managers , Or The Bank Workers before the third parties , they are the real cause of the shortage of naira .

Why will they even start selling new naira notes? They should have been spraying the old ones at least till the deadline . The heart of man eh … kaiiii , it’s like you guys enjoy the saying suffering and smiling

Please we don’t want again , no more !!! Carry una slogan ! We are tayad !!! My yard people abeg una no tire for this suffering?”

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