Lax Giddy speaks to Glamsquad Magazine

Yesterday, yours truly caught up with Lax Giddy (A.K.A. Giddy Carter) in his hood and we had a little chat about his music, life, ambitions and hustle so far. It was a great interview as the hip hop and rap artiste who just recently won a rap competition that saw different artistes from the mainland lock horns in the heart of Surulere.

The humble but highly talented artiste was fun to be with and we shared a lot of happy moments. Below is an excerpt of the Exclusive Interview he granted Glamsquad Magazine.


Hello Lax Giddy, how are you bro?

I am cool, thank you.

What is your stage name?

My stage name is Lax Giddy Official or Giddy Carter

What Kind of music do you do?

Hmmm… I am mostly based on hip-hop and indigenous rap

Tell us about your latest single

My latest single is Salaye Tumor, it is a street slang and means a lot

Who is your favorite musician?


When next are you dropping another single?

Yeah, I’m going to drop another hit single next week by 1st July

Should we expect an album soon?

Sure my album  is coming soon by august by God grace and is gonna be the best album of the year and for life…for sure

Message to your fans

My message to all my fans out there is I really love you all and promise you are going to be proud of me ‘cause am going to offer only the best and lovely music all the time.

Why did you choose Music?

I choose music ‘cause it is my life and I have a great passion for my music; and I believe it’s in me for real

Which musician will you like to collaborate with?

Yeah i would love to work with Reminisce, Vector and Wizkid here in Nigeria; and International, I am looking to work with Casper Novyes, Chris brown and Meek Mill

Why did you pick those musicians?

Cause they inspire me a lot and I which I can be greater than them someday

Can you do a free style any day anytime?

Yeah, I really love freestyle ‘cause it helps me a lot and I can do my freestyle any-day any time

What are your dreams for the near future?

Yeah, my Dreams are big. I wish to become Africa best rapper in future and win a Grammy for real

Final word to your fans

What I have to tell my fans (most especially my fans right here in Nigeria) is One Love to you all and more blessings ahead

How can your fans contact you or get your songs?
Contact Lax Giddy on Facebook/Xapar Lax Giddy, Giddy Carter
Instagram @GiddyCarter
This is a Wonderful Underground Rapper….Giddy M’O & D banj EJanla ninu Okun Giddy M’O’ Erinmi Lokun!!
Watch Out for my Single soonest!!!
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