Lagos @50 celebrations continue with OGUN AHOYAYA at the National Theatre Cinema

As part of official events to mark 50 years of Lagos State, Babskos Company will a stage a play, OGUN AHOYAYA (The Boiling Battle) at the Cinema Hall 1 of the National Theatre, Ignamu, Lagos on May 24 and May 25, 2017 by 6pm and 6:30pm.
Lagos State governor Akinwunmi Ambode and his cabinet will be in attendance for the play on May 24 by 6pm.
Ogun Ahoyaya, directed by Neye Adebulugbe, is written and produced by veteran Yoruba actor, Prince Jide Kosoko. It is a historical play centred around events in Lagos of the 18th century, reflecting on the feud between Kosoko and King Akintoye.

Prince Kosoko is the rightful heir to the Lagos throne. But due to the feud between him and Eletu Odibo (the Prime Minister), his nephew Akintoye is made king on the pretence that Prince Kosoko could not be located when Oba Oluwole died. King Akintoye realising who Kosoko is persuades his people to search for him, so as to make him return to Lagos.
The play parades popular actors in Yoruba theatre and film sector including Prince Jide Kosoko, Yinka Quadri, Segun Remi ( kanran), Fatai Odua, Yemi Solade, Bidemi Kosoko and Taiwo Hassan who are the play’s lead characters.
Babskos Company Nigeria Limited is a frontline movie production company that has produced movies which Asiri Nla and Oga LASTMA (a Lagos State government sponsored road traffic advocacy film.)

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