Korede Bello is Bae on Cover of Man Magazine Nigeria’s Latest Edition

Korede Bello rocks a bold new look as the cover star for Man Magazine Nigeria’s latest issue. He is blond and we are loving it!

Inside the feature, the singer discusses his music career, creative process, the music industry and his plans for the future.

Read excerpts below:

On why he went into music:

Early on in my formative years, I got exposed to the joy that music and entertainment brings and can bring to the people around me. Subconsciously, I desired to be one of the mediums for which people feel such emotions. So I think the desire came before the awareness of the gift. Destiny always plants a Desire in you.

On his creative process:

That’s like asking about how God made the world lol . The first step is Intention and the finished product is Beauty.

On how the internet has impacted the music business:

It has democratised the industry. There is no more monopoly of media attention. If you have a good song (product) and know how to market yourself (publicity) all you need is good internet and a good enough phone. The cheaper internet gets the more creative expressions we would get to experience in Nigeria. There is a silent but unstoppable revolution going in the music industry globally, all that’s left now is for artistes to be more business inclined and less dependent traditional structures to succeed. A good combination of talent, drive, music education and grace would take you there and humility would keep you there.

On whether he believes in love at first sight:

Depends on your definition of love. Love is not what you see or feel. Love is what You Do. So if you meet someone for the first time and you or the person performs an act love then maybe we can call that Love at first sight.

On his ideal woman and her social standing:

My ideal woman is any woman that is suited for my Destiny. A woman that complements my journey and I hers. a woman I can love and be loved by without limits. A woman that I can share everything with especially mutual respect. It’s not social standing that keeps your relationship standing lol…

See more photos from the Korede Bello cover feature below:

Photo Credit
Photographer: @shots_by_mena
Art Director/Stylist: @infoworldcharming
Makeup: @officialdavidstarr
Hair: @cuttingcrewlagos
Project Manager: @caspertainment
Photography Assistant: @mcphotography.ng @presleyvisuals

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