Komole Kandids By House of Deola

I remember 2012 was the first time I saw the Komole (means Dance in Yoruba) Iro and Buba, I was totally drawn to it , fascinated by the fabric ( made from very rich silk Aso Oke ) and lace cuttings . Very contemporary African looks especially the sleeves and the way it hugs and shows off the female figure. I remember saying to my mum; “I want one of those when I’m getting married”. It’s really a piece any bride who can afford it should have.

A few weeks back I was faffing around Instagram and I was another bride wearing the Komole Iro and buba and I thought , what if the used the fabric and made wedding dresses … fabulous!!! was the word .

Deola Sageo clearly had similar and even better thoughts for her brand. For those who haven’t seen the amazing pieces, here’s Komole Kandids


Fabrics and Designs: House of Deola

Photography: Kelechi Amadi Obi

Models: Few Models & Beth Model Management

Hair: Ugo of Make Me

Makeup: Bimpe Onakoya

Shoes: Polo Avenue

Creative Direction & Styling: Teni Sagoe

Jewelry: Aanushkil Jewellery

Bags: Vintage bags from Deola Sageo’s mums closet

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