Lol! Many times, when things happen in my marriage(whether good or bad), I actually wonder who to share the information with. Ideally, it should be someone close to you and who won’t judge you. So I start doing a fast priority list in my head: husband, mum, siblings, close friend, pastor or someone totally neutral. But then again, I pause…is it worth the stress, that is having to share this piece of ‘vital’ information. The thought goes on and on in your head until it dies a natural death!

Something happened to me a while ago and I must say it is killing me…I just have to tell, so I have decided to use this medium in expressing myself…please don’t judge me ( not that I really care, you don’t know me and I don’t know you either!)

Two weeks earlier, I travelled to see my aged parents who live in Warri. I used public transport and it is not that I didn’t have a car and a driver at my disposal, I just felt like using it. From the onset, I couldn’t help but notice a TDH (tall dark and handsome) guy. He seemed somewhat distinguished and sensibly attired. The good part is that he sat right behind me!

While I was busy daydreaming and before I could say “Jack Robinson”, this TDH guy had exchanged seats with my seat partner. I like a guy who takes the bull by its horns! So I guess he liked me too. I guess it was obvious that we were attracted to each other but we didn’t act it.

The journey seemed long and not to mention the bad roads! Anyways, we got talking. The conversation started off slowly, you know all the , “what is your name?”,  “what do you do?”, “where do you work?” – kind of conversation. We generally flowed and we soon found out that we had similar interests. I admired his intelligence, sense of humour and his great command of English. What even tickled my fancy was the fact that he owned a thriving business and still used public transport!..even as a “big boy”. I had no other choice but to add ‘humility’ to the list of attributes I admired in him.

Please, let me mention that I am a happily married woman with 2 beautiful children. My husband doesn’t give me wahala…so I don’t know where this evil is coming from! Why I had that sudden intense desire for this TDH, I cannot say. My husband owns a thriving business, even though he works too hard. Do you think I lacked enough attention and affection?! Maybe that is what pushed me into what I am about to share with you.

The journey soon came to an abrupt end, leaving both of us craving to see each other again. We exchanged numbers and addresses. He would be staying at a 5 star hotel for 3 days and I with my parents for 5 days. We conversed through out the night…

The following day, I found myself in front of his hotel room. I only wanted to continue our gist. Seriously?! Who am I fooling? As soon as he opened the door, that moment was too electrifying…the rest is history. Let me also mention that history went down twice that day!!

I never in my life thought I would fall in the category of women who cheat on their husbands. Shamefully, I have to admit that the sex was good…damn good. Contrary to common belief that you feel guilty or disgusted after an extra-marital affair, I didn’t. Why? I can’t explain that. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel connected to my husband anymore like I used to. Or maybe it’s because I really connected with this guy, I can’t say. I feel bad that I don’t feel bad, rather I want to share this experience with someone who won’t judge me.

If you care to know, I am still in touch with ‘TDH’ but no sex! So that brings us back to square one. If you were in my shoes, would you kiss and tell?!


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