Khloe Kardashian’s Jordans sales increase on the resale market after wearing them at Bronny’s game

Khloe Kardashian is setting trends in a brand-new way; just because she wore a pair of Jordans to Bronny James’ high school basketball game, the sneaker resale market is booming.

According to Remo from Walk Like Us, a digital marketing firm that works with resellers, Khloe’s Mocha Jordan 1’s skyrocketed in price after she rocked them last week.

The shoes typically cost no more than $130 for women’s grade school sizes, but following the Kardashians’ appearance, some are selling for as much as $600, which, according to our sources, is extremely unusual, especially for female sizes.

While retailers immediately noticed the price increase on the day Kim and Khloe sat courtside for the L.A. area high school showcase, a spike like this is more typical for men’s size.