Kenyan singer, Mercy Atis cries out as she returns to the village

Fast rising Kenyan singer and “I don’t wanna know” crooner, Mercy Atis, has cried out as she returned to her village.

This comes few months after she started a food and drink business, Motherland Restaurant,  Kitangali, Nairobi, Kenya.

The single mother of two opened up on how people would buy on credit, how her manager, slept with her staff and how everyone “betrayed” her because the business was funded by public funding. She took to her Instagram page and wrote;

“It is with the deepest regrets, a broken soul and a bleeding heart that I want to announce to the public that I have no option but to sell my baby that I have nurtured so much from zero: Motherland. I have been crying for the last three days pondering on how to move on from here but the best way forward is to let go of this business that I treasure so much from deep down my heart. I want to thank many Kenyans from home and abroad who sacrificed something to contribute money for me towards the opening of this place. I want to thank @jalangoo from the bottom of my heart for all the support he showed me. I want to thank Lily Richards and I want to thank everyone who has supported me behind the scenes but wants to remain anonymous.

I want to thank each and every customer who has showed up at Motherland to support me and promote me. I had fun, I enjoyed every second. Please note that I’m not looking for any sympathy from the public, I’m just letting the public know because Motherland was opened with public money. I am well aware that many of you are hapy and laughing at me but I don’t care

I did the best I could with what I had in my hands but my best wasn’t enough. I hope I can get enough money to go to some village in Kenya,buy land and build a small house where I can live a peaceful life with my two kids as I wait for that day when the Lord will call me home.

My whole life has been full of failures and this is just one of the many failures. All I know is that I tried my best. I failed to hire the right team that respect me and wants to see me grow. I instead hired jealous people who wanted to see my downfall and they stole from me and trashed my name all over Yukos. I had neighbors who wanted drinks to sell at their club but never wanted to pay. I had a Landlord who Refused to connect me with water and trashed me and hang up the phone on me. I had a Restaurant manager who slept with my employees and trashed me and my kids everywhere. I had me who was not smart enough to find the perfect balance between taking care of my kids and running a business. I failed myself. I used my sales to sustain my family.

If you want to buy Motherland, please come to Yukos.”

mercy atis

Mercy Atis became an internet sensation, after her music video “I don’t give a damn” went viral. Kenyans then fell in love with her after she shared her sad deportation story from the United States of America.


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