KEEM Haruna S/S 2017– Feminist Fatale

There has been a lot of talks lately concerning the equality of women,  the place of women,  the abuse and challenges faced by women in the world today.
To pay tribute to working mum’s,  single or married,  women who multi task, with multiple jobs on a daily just to make ends meet, those facing a rough patch and to tho who are firmly independent or sole breadwinners.
Showing women’s ability to work effectively around different roles at the same time,  the collection displays a use of different fabrics mix matched to create a look.  With this collection we see a bold use of white and other patches of black sequins, blue stripes and burgundy check fabric all in one to each piece representing each woman in her own capacity.

According to the Creative Director Keem Harun-Adeleye, the collection is an ode to these complexities and our ability to still unwind, let our hair down to party, laugh, have fun and enjoy life.

We have used an array of pieces to showcase this collection with patches and cut outs in bold colours such as red, blue and black sequins which signifies her life through home, work and several events the woman shows up for. The collection shows strength, vibrancy and wholesomeness which the Keem Harun woman is.


Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke

Stylist: Ifeoma Odogwu

Make-Up: MakeUp Girl

Hair: Paul

Models: Susan & Ifedola (Beth Model)

Creative Assistants: Teju Kimora Falade & Edith Akunu

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