Kayra Theodore’s Spiral Braids: Now A 2024 Hair Trend

South African Model Kayra Theodore came about the spiral hair-do sometime last year and its a wonder the hair became a hit in 2024. Approximately six Instagram users and influencers have been spotted wearing the identical spiral-tip braids that Kayra proudly debuted back in June 2023.

She is without a doubt the one who started the trend for this look in the 2000s, even though there may not be anything really new under the sun. It would be difficult to locate anyone else wearing it, unless you traveled all the way back to ancient Africa.

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Not only does it offer a refreshing departure from conventional hairstyles, but it also allows individuals to express their creativity and personality through their hair. As fashion enthusiasts seek individuality in an increasingly homogenous world, Kayra Theodores Spiral Braids have become sought after by those who wish to make a fashion-forward statement. With the rise of this trend, we can expect to see these mesmerizing braids on red carpets, magazine covers, and social media platforms in the coming months.

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