Kate Henshaw unveils spectacular facts about herself on her 52nd birthday


Kate Henshaw unveils spectacular facts about herself on her 52nd birthdayNollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has unveiled three spectacular facts about herself as she celebrates her 52nd birthday today.

The stunning mother of one tool to her Instagram page to share photos of herself in 3 forms, and described herself in 3 words – Fit, Fab, and Fun.

It comes as no surprise that Kate Henshaw is a fitness enthusiast. However, the renowned movie star has now openly expressed her unwavering dedication to a lifestyle of complete well-being, encompassing not only her body but also her mind and spirit.

She portrayed herself as a fearless warrior, unyielding and determined, refusing to remain silent.

Her second personality is to be Fabulous. Kate Henshaw noted that style is what she makes of it and she isn’t under any pressure to follow trends.

Thirdly, she is fun and definitely one to laugh till tears roll her eyes and her veins pop on her neck.

She also stated that amidst all the ups and downs, highs and lows in life, God has granted her laughter, especially during challenging times.

“1… FIT K8  Committed to a lifestyle of total wellness. Body, mind & spirit. She is a warrior, undaunted, unrelenting… I will not be silent. As long as I am breathing, I will always worship my God and King! He kept me till this day, and I am standing here ONLY because He made a way”.

“FAB K8  Style is what I make of it. I am not under any pressure to follow trends just because. I have come to own who I am, and the grace of God upon me has led me to a place of contentment. I am my only competition. I am grateful and loving life at 💯 daily”.

“FUN K8  Definitely, one to laugh till tears roll down my eyes and my veins pop in my neck. It’s from deep within me. It comes without caring who sees or not….. It’s what brightens me from the inside out. God has made me laugh in spite of it all, ups n downs, lows& highs. He will make it remain till I leave this world, and nothing, no one will take it away”.

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