Kanye West files trademark for Yeezy sock shoes after Adidas’ decision to sell remaining Yeezy shoes for charity

Kanye West files to trademark Yeezy sock shoes after Adidas revealed plans to sell remaining Yeezy shoes and donate the proceeds to charity

Rapper, Kanye West seeks trademark for Yeezy sock shoes as Adidas plans to donate proceeds from remaining Yeezy shoe sales to charity, following the company’s decision to cut ties with West last year due to his controversial comments.

According to TMZ, the 45-year-old rapper submitted documents on 4th May 4 by West’s Mascotte Holdings Inc., and they listed the product as ‘YZY SOCK SHOES.’

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The forms were reportedly light on details about what the sock shoes would look like, though they were described as ‘Socks; socks with leather soles.’

West appears to be pushing forward even as his old partner Adidas said it planned to sell its remaining stock of Yeezy shoes without his branding before donating the proceeds to charity.

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