Kanayo O. kanayo calls out actress Angel Unigwe and her mother over contract breach

Kanayo O. kanayo calls out actress Angel Unigwe and her mother over contract breach

Nollywood veteran actor, Anayo Modestus Onyekwere better known as Kanayo O. Kanayo has called out a teen actress, Angel Unigwe and her mother for allegedly breaching a contract.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Kanayo O. Kanayo noted that Angel Unigwe’s mother has a habit of breaching agreements with movie producers after receiving payment. He noted that he hadn’t encountered this issue until it happened to him recently.

He disclosed that he had a contract agreement with Angel’s mother for the actress to stay on set until midnight.

However, around 9 PM, Angel’s mother arrived and took her daughter away, breaching their contract. He noted that this isn’t the first time she has done something like this.

Issuing a warning, Kanayo O. Kanayo admonish producers to desist from working with Angel Unigwe from today, 21st of June, 2024.

A furious Kanayo warned that if any film set violates his advice and hires the Angel, he will personally ensure that filming is halted.

He emphasized that he has no issues with the actress herself; the problem lies with her mother, who has been threatening many producers.

He said

I am making this video to protect the entertainment industry in Nigeria. A particular woman has been holding producers to ransoms and it is unfortunate it has happened to me. Unfortunately she is Angel Unigwe’s mother. A contract is breached by every producers, orally or written and it’s all respected but I found out that immediately this woman takes money from you, everything changes. She took her daughter at 9pm when the particular date that we agreed hasn’t expired. She came at 9pm and took her daughter.”

“I have gotten reports from people before it happened to me. This is a Clarion call to producers, I beg you in the name of professionalism, from this moment to the first day of July, 2024 any set that employs the services of Angel Unigwe, I will come to that set and make sure filming doesn’t hold. Her mother has been threatening many producers”.

See the video and Netizens reactions below

One Elchukkie wrote:Disrupt people’s set as what?? Oga take her to court if you have any problems with her”

One Scientistelochi wrote:The problem with Nigerians is just that they feel its just that one person that can do the job, why not try someone else must it be this girl? Our mumu too much for Nigeria”

One Valencia wrote: “Well, in my own judgement, like they say, I don’t hear from one person or one side of the story to make a judgement. However, Angel Unigwe should publicly debunk this alleged accusation against her if not true. At the same time, be aware that breach of agreement is unlawful!”

One VentyAloho wrote:This madam Unigwe get mind sha she no the fear oo”

One Mia wrote: “Why will he come out to blacklist dis girl, y not call her and her mother out.. some pipo always feeling as if they are God”

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