Kadara Enyeasi, Lakin Ogunbanwo & Leading African photographers You Should Know

Across the continent, we have hundreds of amazing photographers whose work will leave you speechless and mesmerised.

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If we begin presenting their works, their collections will be so large that we may need years to complete them. Our parents used to only want to study medical, law, accounting, and engineering. Today, creatives have taken the lead. We’ve seen doctors and lawyers abandon their credentials for artistic endeavours. Photography is one of the fields where we’ve seen a significant growth in interest and participation.

Contemporary photography appears to be growing, aided by prizes, new arts projects, and platforms for the best imagemakers to showcase their work. We’ve seen wonderful exhibition venues, with several works on earth.

In Nigeria, we have photographers like Kadara Enyeasi and Lakin Ogunbanwo. Enyeasi started photography in high school. Nothing special, just some intimate moments with a 2-megapixel Nikon camera.

At first, it was to understand his role in the society by taking performative pictures.  This translated into works on shapes, shadows across the body, silhouettes and play of light. Ogunbanwo  combines portraiture and  fashion photography in his work.

His inspiration came from every day, everything, and the innate desire to capture splendor.   We move to South Africa, where Phumzile Khanyile does wonder with photography.  He is inspired by the boring stuff of life which he aims to bring more excitement to and brings the past to reality.

For Hassan Hajjaj from Morocco, color, life, music, textiles, travel, and interesting people inspire him to take stunning pictures. In Ghana, Prince Gyasi started loving photography at a young age.

He got his aspiration of becoming a great abstract painter tucked inside his pocket when he found the art of taking pictures with his iPhone. Accra drags him with inspiration in every part of the city. From the color of their flag to the everyday people, he found love in taking creative pictures.

The norm of taking pictures is not for every photographer.  He is different and prefers people call him a visual artist. Most of his images appear like painting when you look at them from afar.

For Nana Kofi Acquah, another Ghanaian, photography found him when he worked in an advertising firm.  He found out that he loved taking photographs when he painted backgrounds.  He was good at it and it has become a pivot to his life transformation.

The cameras immortalize what these photographers point them at. We have many photographers we might not mention here, but have created stunning works for us to behold. In truth, even the aspiring photographers are gifted with the way they tell stories with their photography projects.

Even the local photographer in one slum may stun you with the type of creative the person displays. Both men and women have found their happiness in this field. When it comes to making money with photography, the story is inspiring too.

Photography is no longer, for people who struggle to make ends meet with their archaic cameras. Some of the cameras these photographers use run in hundreds of thousands. With the advent of technology and social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, photography has taken a whole new dimension. What do you think of your photographer? Do they have areas they need to improve on? Are you thinking of picking up photography as a profession or a hobby? Africa possesses a lot of inspiration for you to do so and a lot of landmarks and locations waiting to be photographed by upcoming photographers

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