JPTS tasks Nigerians to embrace online professional certification

Concerned with the rate of academic decadence in the country, the board and management of Joint Professional Training Support International (JPTS) has called on Nigerians to embrace professional certifications which will serve as a cutting edge above academic qualifications.

This call was made recently in Lagos, by Professor Christopher Imumolen, President JPTS Int’l, while addressing the media in Lagos, on the need to bridge the prevalent educational lacuna with professional certification.

Imumolen asserted that,it is a known fact that the educational system in Nigeria has its great challenge, considering the quality of graduates our universities are churning out yearly.


This according to him, is obviously an issue which should be nibbed in the bud, before it blows out of proportion. His words” This is obviously a huge challenge, considering the fact that most of our graduates need to be brushed up to properly fit into industrial units or settings, hence, the purpose of professional certification ”

He noted that JPTS is a professional training institute which has been bridging that gap over the years by training and providing certification in Health and Safety Management, Environmental Safety Management, Quality Management, and other fields.


Pointing out that JPTS, in partnership with American Welding Society, also engaged in the field of welding to ensure there is enough manpower in the technical school area.


“Yes we have government bodies which engage in professional training, but there is a need for private institutes to also assist in providing such trainings to bridge the gap. Such professional training schools like JPTS, which is not only  training theoretically, but also helping out on the practical fields, thereby helping Nigerians, fit properly into the work space,” he said.


The JPTS boss asserted that Nigeria needs to have a strong workforce which could deliver optimally.


He added that JPTS, which is duly registered with CAC in Nigeria and the New York Commerce Department and the Federal Ministry of Education, is a well established professional training institution with numerous international accreditation, has grown from a training institute into having its own University called Global Wealth University, in Togo.


Students, who have obtained their International professional certificate, could now through the system of credit transfer and credit evaluation obtain their Bachelor degrees, Masters, up to PhD at Global wealth and other international Universities.


He noted that globally, the world is embracing professional certification, a cutting edge on the technical field and that many  professional training institutes have grown into becoming universities. To Register for the Scholarship weaver student should check for more information.

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