Johanna Ortiz Resort 2023 Collection

Johanna Ortiz Resort 2023 Collection were one of the best collections displayed this season.
This resort collection’s color scheme, theme, and usage of a particular regional cording technique are all unique, but Ortiz’s design philosophy is both constant and multifaceted.

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This collection advances Ortiz’s cause while simultaneously reflecting current events, as all fashion must. Her creations, like many others this season, speak to celebration and reemergence, and the mood is clothed.

Although her tunics could be worn as minidresses, they also looked fantastic with slacks. A broad, corded corset belt that can be worn to conceal the cut-out of a slim-line dress and quickly elevate items like slip dresses and T-shirts was a particularly intriguing and functional piece.

It would be intriguing to see what Ortiz could create with swimwear and other more straightforward items that evoke a more laid-back, sand-between-your-toes attitude. Meanwhile, there are gorgeous party garments embellished with sequins that like matchsticks and sparkle and pop like bubbles in the air.

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