Jesse Jagz, Naeto C, ELDee, Yung L and other Stars Join Speazie

Several Nigerian artistes have joined the Speazie movement, using it as a vehicle to reach their fans and empower those aspiring musicians who look up to them. Recognizing the clear value and utility of the platform, the App has seen sign ups from the likes of Jesse Jagz, Naeto C, ELDee, Yung L, Leriq and more. Through their involvement, fans get to experience uncut vocals and unheard beats, and aspiring artists are one shout-out away from the recognition they deserve.
Speazie is the next generation of mobile music production and collaboration. Although dubbed “the Instagram of music”, Speazie is so much more than a music sharing social platform. The level of interactivity goes so much deeper, as creative talents are able to listen to, share, and record on each other’s work, from across the globe and in the palm of their hands. Singers, rappers, and poets have access to DJs, beat makers, and sound engineers, both groups boldly testing the limits of their creativity.
Speazie is on a mission to keep musicians inspired, so they’ve put the “muse” in music. The app is available right now for free on Android and iOS devices. With awesome price competitions being put up in the app there will definitely be a buzz this season.
Speazie would also be a good idea to reach out to loved ones at this festive period. Season’s greetings would be great on Speazie; celebrity backed renditions you can share across the social media and send to someone special.The Speazie App is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.
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