Jennifer Lopez reveals near death experience while filming her new movie, ‘Shotgun Wedding’

Jennifer Lopez new movie

Jennifer Lopez talks about a terrifying incident that happened when she was in the Dominican Republic filming her newest movie, Shotgun Wedding.

While out promoting the romantic comedy with six of her co-stars, including Josh Duhamel, who plays her on-screen love interest, Lopez acknowledged having a near-death experience when she came dangerously close to falling off a cliff.

It seems that Duhamel, who was present in the scene with Lopez, came to her aid by desperately clinging to the leading lady in order to prevent her from falling.

The horrific tale surfaced during a game of “Who’s Who” in which the BuzzFeed cast disclosed which of them was most deserving of particular titles.

Lopez and Duhamel were identified by the group as “most likely to nail a stunt on the first take” after a period of time.

Narrating the incident, she said;

“Me and Josh got pretty good at it,” the Bronx, New York native said.

“l don’t think I’ve ever nailed anything on the first take.”

“Really, I felt like we did pretty good,” JLo shot back in the on-screen couples defense, adding, “Especially when we were handcuffed together and we had to do all that crazy stuff. Except for the one time when I almost went over the cliff.”

“I was going over! And I’m looking at Josh, and I’m like, “Josh, don’t let me go, please,” she added, as she demonstrated the scenario by sticking her hand out for Duhamel.

“He’s like, “I got you. You go we go,” she recalled.

Luckily, they both made it through. “It was scary as f**k,” Lopez admitted.

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