Jemima Osunde Is Furious With A Fan For Labelling Her “Best Friend Snatcher”

Jemima Osunde/Wikipedia
Jemima Osunde/Wikipedia

Nigerian actor Jemima Osunde was left furious by a fan who labelled her “best friend snatcher’’ on Twitter. The “Lion Heart” actor had tweeted about the upcoming 2023 gubernatorial and state House of Assembly elections.

She highlighted some of the moves made by politicians to secure votes from the masses and expressed her desire to see if politicians would do more after the postponement of the elections.


The thespian said:

“We’ve seen everything from promotions to salary increase to new transformers to half day of work all in one week. And they’ve added one more week. Let’s see what the new week brings with it.”

Following her tweet, a user with the name Onwuaka said:

“Please SHUT Up!!! Best friend snatcher!!”

Jemima Osunde would not take the comment likely and noted that she was bothered because the accusation was false.

She said:

“Please I NEED you guys to help me ask her which of her best friends I snatched. I’m not joking. Please help me BOMBARD her with tweets asking her. She has to answer cause this one is really wild. How can someone just wake up and be silly? No, I’m bothered cause this is a false accusation and she must explain. How can someone I don’t know from anywhere come online to accuse me of snatching her best friend”.

Fans have argued that Onwuaka was referring to the relationship between Adesua Etomi-Wellington and fellow actor Linda Ejiofor, which has been rumoured to be soured. According to fans, Onwuaka’s point is that Osunde’s appearance in Adesua’s life meant she had to severe her relationship with Linda.

It is still not clear why Adesua and Linda Ejiofor no longer parley in public like they used to. Adesua has become closer to Osunde and other Nigerian movie stars such as Bimbo Ademoye and Bisola Aiyeola.

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