Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Week Spring Summer 2023 Collection

Jean Paul Gaultier Runway Show for Paris Haute Couture Week Spring Summer 2023 Collection which was displayed showed some amazing design to the astonishment of their loyal customers giving them a hard time deciding on what design to go for.

At the rate at which the fashion house is going, the fashion house will likely become one of the top three fashion brand in the world.

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Since Gaultier’s retirement, Ackermann is the fourth of the designers to receive a tap on the shoulder for a one-season partnership. He takes after Chitose Abe of Sacai, Glenn Martens of Y/Project, and Olivier Rousteing of Balmain. The oldest guest to date, Ackermann, was probably visually the least deserving of the invitation to answer to Gaultier’s famous metier.

When the women started to leave, they did so slowly and collectively, adopting postures reminiscent of bygone eras of haute couture and stopping to pose for pictures as if they were in an Irving Penn photoshoot. Every single lingering silhouette and detail could be observed up close because to the staging’s brisk pace and intimate setting. excellent black trousers suits’ white cuffs, sometimes cut with tailcoats and creative plackets of frogging, other times reduced to a simple minimal form. A remarkable visual merging of Ackermann and Gaultier in one outfit was a skinny-trousered two-piece with a diagonal slash across the jacket and a hip-level obi-cummerbund.

Ackermann also demonstrated his skills as a designer and colorist by draping amazing serpentine gowns and several styles of stylish coat dresses with contrasting linings. It made it clear how uncommon it is these days for excellent drama and stylish minimalism to coexist. High couture and pantomime have recently found a way to coexist. This presented a forward-thinking argument for the extraordinary powers of haute couture in the contemporary world without going backwards or being in the least bit camp.

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See full collection below:

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